What Should I Put In My Bearded Dragons Cage?

People love pet and whenever one thinks of pets, their clocks stop ticking after dogs or cats and sometimes birds, there are very few people all around the world who would love to pet a different animal and out of the league. Talking about animals that are out of the league, a dragon is one such animal that people fear the most when it comes to petting. The fear for petting this animal is all because of its violent nature and how it reacts to the environment, they are fierce, there is a possibility of having these animals and they would end up harming some of the family members.

These animals are good if tamed properly and kept in an environment that is familiar to them, this way they can grow and prosper as they like. The bearded dragon substrates should be such that they can manage and live their life just as like living in a natural environment and for that first we have to convince our self to buy one bearded dragon and pet them and if one is nice and good to them, they are quite friendly with their owners.

The major things that people need to keep in mind for a petting a dragon

What Should I Put In My Bearded Dragons Cage?

The animal is quite sensitive hence it requires all the proper care and when it comes to bearded dragon substrates there are some things that people need to consider and they are:

  • The tank which is required for your dragon will differ according to your dragon’s size if it is an infant dragon then ten to twenty gallon of the tank would suffice and if it is an adult dragon then forty-gallon of tank would be required and in case of a pair, then you need to go for a minimum of a fifty-gallon tank which is what required by them.
  • People often make mistakes of making adult tanks at their homes for infants which should not be done and the height at which the tank is recommended is low as it provides for the best spectrum of light. Putting some branches and natural environment on it would help.
  • You need to cover your cage and that should be covered by a material that does not passes ultraviolet lights which are harmful for the animal. The top can be of plastic or glass depending upon your choice and availability.

Natural environment

What Should I Put In My Bearded Dragons Cage?

  • As stated earlier, try and create a natural environment if possible because of it something that they crave for and they can’t live without. The setup which one makes should be such it receives 6 inches of light. This will help them to take the light or bask in the sun which is something that they want sometimes.
  • The temperature that is ideal for you bearded dragon substrates is 96 to 109 degrees Fahrenheit and this is for basking place and much lower temperature when it comes to their resting place. Temperature is something that needs to be considered while petting your dragon.
  • There should be a proper hiding site for you dragon where they can go to sleep and hide from time to time, what one can do is put a hollow bark in the tank or towel sometimes just to give them all the natural environment.


  • You are even required to put the light bulb in their tanks just to maintain that amount of light which is required by them and if not provided then they might not survive properly, the temperature of your light bulb should be optimum and should be regularly checked and you don’t want to cook your dragon out of bulb heat. The quality of the bulb used should be full-spectrum bulb that works properly in all the conditions having an auto cut device in it.
  • Light should be on at the time when you are feeding the dragon, they require light to digest their food and if they are not provided with this they might fall ill and cold which makes them all the more lethargic and cold. They require at least 12 hours of lights a day.
  • Feeding your dragon is something that should be properly taken care of as they are very sensitive animals. Time place and routine at which they should do it, should not be changed.

What are their food requirements and how they should be fed?

What Should I Put In My Bearded Dragons Cage?

Food requirement of a dragon is very typical and is almost same as bearded dragon substrates technicalities, some of the facts about feeding them are:

  • Do not feed your dragon meat worms, they are big and fleshy and if your dragon is an infant then it should not be given to them in any condition, it would make them fall sick.
  • Waxworms are something that one can feed to their dragons they have a good amount of fat and it is warm which they like, so a big yes to wax worms.
  • Keep some insects and cricket in their tank from time to time so that they can find them and eat them from time to time.
  • Crickets should be well hidden in a paper towel or anywhere so that they can find them and eat whenever they want.
  • They even take veggies which are a big yes and feeding them that would be good for their health and easy to find.

Is petting a dragon worth it?

The question is huge but love what that drives everything and love is worth everything if you like a dragon and want it in your life then you should go for it, these technicalities are for few days and once a person gets used to these situations then they don’t find it as a lot of work or headache. It is all about habit and how you adapt to their living standards, they are beautiful animals and should be kept if you want them to be in your lives.